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assalamu'alaikum wbt

last friday was my last day at CFS. although my last paper was on thursday, i stay for another day just to cherish my time there. it has been a year since i enrolled into this centre. time slip by so fast that i dont realise it much..hahah,my bad

actually, UM was my first choice for foundation studies while UIA was my 2nd choice. but after a few weeks a decided that maybe CFS was the best place for me. compared to other places, only UIA let me to continuously study Arabic language and Islam. it would be such a waste if I let my knowledge about Arabic language and Islam gone wasted after spending 5 years learning them.

i'd like to tell my personal experience at CFS in this entry..all those smiles, friends i got to know, classmates, roomates etc..these are the things that i couldn't get from other places. there's no other places like CFSIIUM PJ


during semester 1 & 2, i stay at Mahallah Abu Bakar 402. there i met Faiz ZainalAizat as-SarawakiBasir YusofFarhan AzizMus'ab SyafiSyukri HamidSyazwan,Shahril and Amar. yeah, they and their behaviors.. haha

my 3rd semester, i stay MAB118 with my two classmates..sorry guys, don't have any pics of it..haha
the point si, all my roommates are sporting enough for me to get along well with them..thanx guys

Classmates & Lecturers

they are great!!! what else could i say? haha. always helping me with my assignments n tutorials. and not to forget their cynical, as sharp as mine..haha
the lecturers are just so nice, doing their best to push me to the limit

to all my classmates espsecially Ex G50, all the best. can't wait to see you guys again

my 1st event at CFS, Discovering Kuliyyah Of Engineering (DISKOE). the organiser is the Publication and Information Bureau of ENGENIUS. all courses of engineering at main campus opened a booth for them to explain about their courses to the students.  

bureau members

my next event was VOGAYE '11. a trip to UniKL MIAT was successfully held.  we were briefed about the courses and the curricular there. we also get to see MIAT's hangar. they have awful lots of plane

my 3rd event was FESTIVEN. its all about engineering!!! that should be enough to describe it..haha

water rocket competition

PubInfo members
thanx to all PubInfo & Engenius are the greatest!!!

starting next september, I will be an undergraduate student at Gombak..insyaAllah. for those who get to enrolled into CFS, grab your chance now!!! believe me, at the end of the day you will be very grateful.



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gudluck in gombak!

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