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Posted by Zuhdi Farhan On Wednesday, October 13, 2010 1 comments


in the last few days people are talking about MUET. though i dont expect to take it until may next year. i've been told that we iium students dont have to worry much for MUET coz we already sat for EPT at the beginning of 1st semester. at least we must seat for MUET,doesnt matter the result. but for me,i'd rather do my best coz i love to challenge myself..haha..eventhough i guess i did freakingly bad in my 1st semester finals...sigh

couples of hours ago someone told me that maybe the results will be published on 15th october. i guess i better get myself ready,if i get to know my results..haha..i didnt managed to do Teachers Feedback Survey so my results will probably going to be blocked..a little confusion n misunderstanding contributes to this

i get to know the result after i settle some stuff with A&R depatrment instead..maybe lossing rm50 along the way for didnt do TFS..arghh,iium n its summons. anyway,theres still less than two weeks for me to spend my time to the fullest at home b4 pushing my brain 2 the limit in 2nd semester. im going to enjoy myself freakingly for the time being..haha~

thats it. dont have any other idea anymore.




lol!...u didnt mention about ur result at all..=)

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