Lets Get Some Rest

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Thanks to Allah for giving me this opportunity to write again, even in English this time.

Last Friday marked the last day of me involving in two of the biggest IIUM events for this semester. the events are SRC Carnival '13 and ENGITEX '13. Both events happened one after another.

For SRC Carnival, I am in the subprogramme Doughnut of Hope and The Grand Bazaar, in charge of the Preparation & Technical bureau. The Grand Bazaar went for 6 days and Doughnut of Hope was the closing event for this year's SRC Carnival.

In simple words, I'm really glad I joined this event as I got to know and made new friends. We got to gel and mingle for a week and I can say we were able to be very close throughout and after the event. Unfortunately, there were some individuals/parties who dont like our act of charity in Doughnut of Hope. Some say that we were organizing the event just for the sake of breaking the Malaysian Book of Records. The so-called intelectuals call us - the committees - as low IQ students as they assume this event also can be done by kindergartens. Some even went to the extent claiming that we were sponsored by this governing political party as a project to fool the university students.

None of them actually know the real story behind our project. And none of them care to ask what our project was about. What I can really say is these stories of theirs are just merely jealousy of them towards us. Fullstop!

The doughnuts, arranged as IIUM logo
My 2nd programme was ENGINFAIR '13, a subprogramme of ENGITEX '13. I'm one of the Publication & Promotion team. Although the event just lasted for 4 days, we spent most of the time together. We got so close that we even can tease each other without thinking twice. Was that a good thing or not? You decide it. hahah. We didnt get bashing from others for this event because this event didnt get covered by newspapers. lol.

ENGINFAIR Pub'n'Pro team
All in all, these two events are among the best from various programmes that I've joined. I'm not talking about the content of the event, but the relationships I've formed, friendships I've made with others. So guys, please participate more in campus activities and get a life, will you?


p/s: will try getting some rest before participating in another event


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