desperately desperate?

Posted by Zuhdi Farhan On Friday, July 30, 2010 0 comments


this particular week,we've been told that all teachers grades DG41 to DG48 can participate in politics again. b4,teachers are not allowed to be active in politics at all. starting from next month, we could hear campaigns in classes at schools across our beloved country.

how come BN gov finally decide to allow teachers to be politically active in such a sudden way? for all this years, teachers have been participating in politics in secrecy eventhough it is more to an open secret. what are the thrust behind this decision?

is it true that the gov really are desperately,badly in need of supports from the rakyat? i bet this sudden turn of event won't change our political scenario much. to assume that the teachers will campaign their student to root 4 the gov blindly is totally wrong. youngsters nowadays are really up 2 date with current issues so its almost impossible 2 expect them believe 100% with what are being reported by the gov-owned tv n mainstreams newspapers. they're more open-minded.

  note that not all gov officials are supporting BN. this act mayb will take its toll on the gov and the opposition gaining more supports. who knows? dh la, penin dh otak aku memikir words english. lama dh x mengarang in english..haha~

p/s: esok paper komputer tp dok sibuk update blog..haha~


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