when those memories came back

Posted by Unknown On Thursday, April 21, 2011 2 comments


Since been enrolled into foundation studies, seldomly I get to meet my smapk friends. Lately, all those memories that I had with them came back. And I couldn’t ever stop smiling whenever their faces dancing in my head. Here are among all joyful things we did together:

1.     play football together, some wearing boots while some just barefooted

2.     making noises in the dormitory until late night
3.     studying in the class…and sleeping. haha

4.     conducting events  at the very last minute
5.     play hide-and-seek with warden. especially cikgu rezazali
6.     inspection every Sunday morning
7.     outing to Kajang. some even get to go to KL8
8.     ‘lepak’ at cikgu hajar’s house  

Wondering when will we get to meet again, especially for those living in the north, south, eastcoast and Sarawak.

p/s: friends in need are friends indeed


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